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Shopenkrafts magic goods

A Magical VR Experience

Shopenkraft's Magic Goods is a VR experience which lets you play the role of a magical shopkeeper and interact with customers that come to your store. Your pet dragon will bring you a variety of metals so you can forge your swords and daggers. Use the available ingredients from the shelf and brew your potions or poisons and enchant it all on a magical alchemy stone. The project was done to showcase our abilities but we also wanted to make something we are proud of with a potential to grow in the future. We are currently still developing the game, and new features, characters and props are on their way.


Everything that you see has been developed and designed by our team. We took care of the early ideas, game design and concept art, then moved on to 3D asset production (modeling, texturing, character rigging, animation), and lastly moved it all into Unity and brought it to life.

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