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Go nutz

Fire those acorns!

A tower defense game - with a nutty twist! Protect your golden leaves from mechanical birds and save your tree and your home.

Bounce it

Addictive and frustrating!

A hyper casual mobile game where all you need to do is slide your platform left and right and bounce the balls into the baskets.


A magic shop in vr!

A VR experience which lets you play the role of a magical shopkeeper. Interact with various customers, take their orders and get to crafting.

Crates and Cannons

Ar multiplayer game!

Crates and Cannons is an AR game which spawns a tiny cannon battlefield right on your desk.

My Basketball Team

A basketball manager game!

My Basketball Team is a free and exciting basketball manager multiplayer game.


Game backend-as-a-service platform!

Game Backend Platform (GBP) serves as a one-stop solution for all online gaming needs.


Resources on a rubik’s cube!

Concepts for a 3D turn-based puzzle game in which the player gathers various resources for different buildings.

Temple of Anubis

Ancient egypt 3d concept!

Early concept art sketches for a hack and slash platformer game. Environment sketches and some actual 3D props and character art.

Ironwall Grove

A magical 2d platformer!

An art exploration project with its main focus on environment sketches for a side scrolling 2D platformer game.

Bullets 2 arrows

Comandos in a fairy tale!

Concepts for a 2D point and click game featuring some modern soldiers stuck inside a magic medieval realm all drawn in a comic book art style.

After the blast

Post-apocalyptic visual concept!

Early concept art sketches for a game set in a post-apocalyptic world. From concept art to game ready character and prop models.