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Our core strength of game development
of game development
development lies in unity

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
And Ingenious game studio is where the magic happens.

Full-cycle development

We provide services to cover all aspects of game and app development. Ranging from concept art and prototyping to coding and testing, our team is here to deliver and save you the trouble of managing multiple teams so you can focus on core business objectives.

On time delivery

Getting your product to the market at the earliest stage to stay ahead of the competition is of vital importance. We will coordinate with you every step of the way and make sure that the product is released within pre-defined timeframes.

Collaborative approach

The best games are built as a result of creative collaboration. We believe in building a partnership approach with our clients. All with a goal to fully understand the potential of your project so that our team can fulfill your requirements.

Our cross-functional team structure and multidisciplinary collaborative approach ensure that all reviews and feedback are incorporated into the development process.

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We take on planning and research in the early stage of the project cycle. Pre-production documentation is based on the marketing analysis and genre studies, target audience, gameplay, technology, and platforms, estimated schedule and team requirements.

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Concept art
& assets production

Our multidisciplinary art & design team includes artists, level designers, and UI specialists will make your game as engaging and user-friendly as possible.

We take on end-to-end asset production services to bring your ideas to life. This includes 2D and 3D asset production, illustrations, modeling,animation, texturing, rigging and lights.

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The choice of the project platform, technologies, and game engine are based on the project needs.

Ingenious game development studio core team is a part of Ingsoftware - a full cycle development company.

We have seasoned, full stack development veterans to support us in every stage of the process.

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QA testing, support
and maintenance

Each project is run through rigorous QA and performance testing for device compatibility and stellar user experience.

Regular content updates and maintenance, minor and major bug fixing, and game release support. We pay attention to details. And we operate what we build.


Take a look at our work

Go Nutz!

Full cycle

GoNutz is a slight twist to a tower defense game genre. The game was developed in Unity, with monetization system and 2D graphics animated inside the engine. Completely free to play with no ads and in-app purchases, the game offers multiple play styles for the player to try out.

There was a nation of squirrels living a peaceful life atop of the world forest. And then the birds came. Big, nasty, mechanical ones.

Play as our squirrel hero and embark on a quest to protect the last tree. Win new power-up cards, buy new special ammo, balance between multiple bases and face different types of enemies. Enjoy!

View projects on: Behance Artstation

crates and cannons

full cycle

In this AR multiplayer mobile game, each player controls a cannon and tries to destroy the opponent. Place the marker on your desk and look at the field from different angles, use the crates as your cover, and destroy them if you want a clear shot.

The project is being developed in Unity with previously approved concept art, 3D models and texturing. Stay tuned for the upcoming prototype and beta release.

View project on: Behance


full cycle

A 3D game inspired by Rubik’s cube mechanics. The goal is to match the building with the right resource to gain more food, lumber, and metal. Defend yourself from enemies and disasters, and upgrade your buildings to unlock new features.

The project is in development stages with approved concept art and 3D assets, optimized and textured for in-game use. The first playable prototype is under construction and should be ready for the round of testing in the early future.

View projects on: Behance Artstation

Temple of anubis

2d/3d art

From the small discussion about Egyptian mythology, arose an idea for an adventure platform game.

We made a handful of concept art - weapon design, characters, and environment, along with completely textured and game-ready 3d models. Our vision demanded fusion of ancient Egypt and cyber elements - Temple of Anubis was the result.
This is an ongoing project, yet to be finished and developed.

View projects on: Behance Artstation

After the Blast

2d/3d art

After the Blast is a visual project with complete game essentials. We covered concept art, prop, character and environment design. The 3D digital sculptures are completely game-ready with optimized textures.

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic, dystopian world. We had some ideas of everyday objects being combined and reused with new purposes attached to them. The main task of the project was to reimagine and combine the visual styles we found inspirational.

Our end result was Arlyn, The Scavenger and her pet robot. Follow them as they spend their days discovering and gathering weapon materials around the wastelands.

View projects on: Behance Artstation

bullets 2 arrows


A concept for a point and click 2d game, heavily inspired by comic book art style. Combining the medieval environment with modern soldiers, the project introduces the idea of 3 special agents teleported into another dimension, where magic and dragons exist. It is just like those fairy tales, but the original ones, because everything is trying to kill them.

View projects on: Behance Artstation

ironwall grove


A visual concept for a 2D platform based game. Initial idea of the gameplay was to create a platform/puzzle mind game, where players go through the levels by overcoming obstacles, solving puzzles and fighting the various enemies. All assets are tileable so that they can be used to to create new elements and levels. This is still a work in progress, and we can not wait to see it finished.

Coming soon on Behance Artstation

bounce it

full cycle

Fill all the hoops and don’t let the balls drop with this easy-going bounce game.

Try to reach the highest level and unlock new balls, pads, hoops and more as much as you can with BounceIt!

Developed in Unity, with visual concept and 2D assets drawn and painted by our art team.

Coming soon on Behance Artstation


full cycle

Poplex is a fast-paced hyper-casual time killer developed in Unity. It is addictive, pretty and rewarding. Well, at least sometimes it is.

Your goal is to make the balls pop! Tap on the spheres to gather points and try to be as quick as you can. But don’t rush too much, because some spheres are not that friendly.

Built on Unity with 2D art assets and animated sprite sheets imported from after effects.

Coming soon on Behance Artstation

My Basketball Team

Full cycle

My Basketball Team is a free and exciting basketball manager multiplayer game in which the User takes charge of a virtual basketball club and manages all aspects of the club: Players, Training, Tactics, Finances, Transfers, Facilities, etc.

Game Backend Platform


Game Backend Platform (gbp) is a Backend-as-a-Service Platform which serves as a one-stop solution for all online gaming needs. It covers common use cases such as authentication, authorization, leaderboards, push/email notifications, achievements, cloud-save, and match-making. All of these features are further enriched by the multi-player platform which supports real-time or turn-based, multi-platform, multi-player games.

The platform is supported by a vendor-independent, highly scalable architecture which can support sudden spikes in the traffic while keeping the hosting cost minimal. Finally, the the platform allows administrator users to control and monitor every aspect of the platform through an easy to use management dashboard.

The team

it is pleasure to meet you

Team image Team image

Mladen Jocić
Unity Game Developer,
Game Designer

Team image Team image

Petar Petrović
Unity Game Developer

Team image Team image

Miroslav Ilić
Unity Game Developer

Team image Team image

Filip Dukić
2D Artist, Animator

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Illustrator, Concept artist

Team image Team image

Uros Denčić
Environment Artist

Team image Team image

Vladimir Jocić
3D Artist, Animator

Team image Team image

Bogdan Popović
Digital Sculptor,
Character Artist