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Full-cycle development

Full-cycle development

Have a game idea and you need someone to develop it from start to finish? Ingenious Studios is a game development team that can offer a full cycle development service. What we mean by "full cycle" is a complete circle after which you end up with a completely developed game ready for publishing. You get early game design consulting, then a complete visual game art service, finished with actual development of the game that reflects your vision.

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Game design

Game design

We are interested in hearing about your game. You may already have it defined and outlined in a Game Design Document. If not, we can help: We can take your game ideas and form a document, or even propose some ideas so we can polish the game design together.

Game art

Game art

We can provide a complete concept art for your game in the desired art style. We can then follow that same concept and create 2D/3D assets ready for in-game use. You can count on us to create characters, environments, props, animations, special effects, UI/UX and of course PROMO ART.

Game development

Game development

Our development team will make your game functional and alive. Doesn't matter if you require a basic prototype or a more complex game with backend services. We can develop your game ready for publishing and provide live game operations afterwards.

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2D & 3D

Our skilled team is capable of developing 2D and 3D games using Unity engine for different platforms such as PC, Consoles, AR/VR and Mobile.

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Why us?

Passionate team

Creating games is our passion and we have put our heart and soul into it and you can expect us to do the same for your project. Your game is our legacy as well and we want it to succeed because the effort we put into it is a reflection of our commitment.

On time delivery

Having your product reach the market on time to stay ahead of the competition is as important as having it reach that stage without any issues. We will work with you from start to finish to make sure that the product is released at the best possible moment.

Collaborative approach

The best games are built as a result of creative collaboration. We believe in building a partnership approach with our clients. All with a goal to fully understand the potential of your project so that our team can fulfill your requirements.

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How we do it?

  1. Tell us about your idea

    Tell us about your idea

    You might have a polished idea described in a game design document. If you need help creating the document, or still have game design questions to answer, we can offer a Discovery Phase.

  2. Quote


    Our team inspects the provided Game Design Document and proposes a price, project model and a timetable.

  3. Concept art

    Concept art

    Once the project starts, the art department starts with sketching and proposing the visual style for your game. This phase is all about answering creative questions about visually telling your story and building the world your game will be set in.

  4. Development


    In this phase, our artists work on visual assets while the unity team is connecting them into a functional, interactive prototype.

  5. Testing, polishing and handover

    Testing, polishing and handover

    This part is all about testing, bug fixing, polishing. Once the game is in a desirable state, it is ready to be published and played.

  6. Live game operation

    Live game operation

    Once the game is out there, it may still require additional work and maintenance. We can work on any updates, upgrades and bug fixes to please the players.

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